I am an urban geographer, writer, and qualitative researcher, interested in the politics of urban environments, public space, and landscape design. My work has appeared in The International Journal of Urban and Regional ResearchEnvironment and Planning A, Edge Effects, and Landscape Architecture Magazine. I hold a PhD from the University of Kentucky (2016) and a MS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2010). I am currently a post-doctoral researcher with the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town.

In 2014 and 2015, I was a Fulbright scholar and visiting researcher at the University of São Paulo, where I conducted research into water governance and flood prevention in the urban periphery. My dissertation considers the dynamics of a multifaceted water crisis in São Paulo, where water scarcity coexists with water excess in the form of regularized flooding.

I am currently a post-doctoral researcher with the ESRC-funded project, “Turning livelihoods to rubbish? Assessing the impacts of formalization and technologization of waste management on the urban poor.” This project, a collaboration between researchers at four universities in Europe, the United States, and Africa, focuses on changes to waste governance in southern Africa and the implications for the livelihood strategies of informal workers. This project is part of efforts to develop urban theory from cities in the global south, and considers the relationship between national-level sustainability policy and the implications of those changes for workers in the informal sector.

My research pays specific attention to environmental politics in cities of the global south, part of a broader interest in the complex politics of climate change adaptation and mitigation in contemporary urban environments. I am especially interested in the politics of infrastructure.


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